Engagement is all about Action

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    Michael Croft

    The work of the Institute for Employment Studies seems a good place to start when reflecting on the engagement. They identify the primary of driver for high levels of engagement is the ‘sense of feeling valued and involved’. They go on to describe this as requiring six main components:

    1. Involving people in decision-making
    2. Empowering the voicing of ideas
    3. Listening carefully to those ideas
    4. Valuing all contributions
    5. Developing people in their job role
    6. Demonstrating concern for people’s well-being.

    I’ve presented the six components associated with words ending in ‘ing’ so, ‘involving’, etc. These are action-centred words. People know them they experience this kind of action. It’s when they see it lived out. This, is the heart of engagement, a business leader living it out, involving and valuing others.

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