Tools Connecting People to Performance and Development

Tools Connecting People to Performance and Development

I set up Innovation People in 2008, to address this, question: how might levels of innovation be increased and sustained in individuals and businesses?

It all Began with a Question

I set up the business in May 2008.  A few months later I was at a client’s offices in the USA and learned of the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  Later, I found myself in the Palace of Westminster.  I was at a round table consultation about the causes and resolution of the then financial crisis.  These experiences marked the start of research and development leading to the creation of the SPICE Framework®.

This one question was at the heart of the research: how might levels of innovation be increased and sustained in individuals and businesses?

A New Approach Emerged from the Question

The SPICE Framework® emerged as a systems methodology for understanding the performance and development.  It is at the heart of a range of tools that connect people to their performance and development.

A Developing Vision for Tools to Support any Business

The development of these tools began through partnership with Sheffield Hallam University.  The university worked with us to develop a vision for mobile first and gamified resources accessible on any device.  These tools are now accessible to any business – from the solopreneur working on their own right through to the corporate business with multiple teams.

Integrating Tools for Performance and Development

Accessible at,, the tools integrate the assessment and development of people with the evaluation of their effect and the measurement of their impact on businesses.

For solopreneurs and individual users, the tools are completely FREE to use.  For businesses wanting access for more than one person, charges start at just £4.97 a month for up to 10 users.

Accessible, Affordable Tools

To put the cost of the SPICE Framework® tools in perspective, singlehanded businesses access them completely free of charge.  Most businesses access them for (typically) just under the cost of a couple of cups of coffee a month.   They have access to a resource through which to develop and performance manage their people, wherever they are.

You might wonder, ‘what’s the catch?’   There isn’t one.

Start Using the SPICE Framework Tools

Anyone can register and start using the SPICE Framework® tools right now without the hassle of expensive eLearning packages and proprietary learning management systems or big commitments to expensive consultancy.

Users can begin with one plan and move to another from month to month as their needs change.

Developing People Building Businesses

For those who know they want specific learning and development resources or are re-thinking their strategy, there are enhanced subscriptions that give substantial discounts on our own and our partner standard pricing for learning and development and consultancy services.  These provide an affordable, efficient approach to supporting people wherever they are.

Remember in addition to developing the SPICE Framework® and its tools, Innovation People is able to provide services in the form of:

  • Full-service HR support, ensuring the effective management of people in a business.
  • Learning and Development delivering a wide range of programmes
  • Talent Management services, including the development of customised frameworks
  • Strategic organisational development consultancy and of course
  • Innovation consultancy

……….providing either one-off services, or services integrated within the SPICE Framework® subscription.

Why not register and start using the SPICE Framework® today.  Alternatively, get in touch about the services of Innovation People?  We would love to hear from you.  In fact, why not email me personally at [email protected] and start a conversation.

Michael Croft

Managing Director

Written by Michael Croft

July 28, 2022